palm2ical: Diary


Added the ability to print the Todo note as a VTODO DESCRIPTION

Added the ability to specify the path of: datebook, todo, and memopad

Changed the option for category support (I know, but I did not think this out completely, sorry!).

Use long category names, instead of short category names.

The priority for Todos (VTODO) is calculated as ((priority - 1) * 2) + 1, to give us the range of 1-9 as defined by rfc2445.

Added processing of DateBk5 Tagged Note Field for Datebook and Todo.

  1. Tagged information is removed from the Note Fields of Datebook and Todo.
  2. Category is set.
Note: As of this version, the processing for DateBk5 Tagged Note Field should work for DateBk3 and DateBk4 as well. This may not be true in the future.

Release as version 1.5


Added Category (CATEGORIES) support for EVENT, VTODO, VJOURNAL.

Release as version 1.4


Fixed bug [ 928494 ] umlaut conversion.

Released as version 1.3.


Added as a hack around the new >= Palm Desktop 4.1.2 database formats. This is for bug: [ 1074813 ] problem using with Palm Desktop 4.1.4.


Fixed bug [ 877271 ] found Datebook field AlarmAdvanceSeconds = -1.

Released as version 1.2.


Restructured this web site to use server side includes.


Fix for Bug 790994: iCal barfing on lines that are too long .


Version 1.1

Made a release for sourceforge.

Fix for Bug 790980: Daylight savings wackiness .


Version 1.0

Made a release for sourceforge.

Fix for Bug 774080: EXDATE values need time.


Version 0.9

Made a release for sourceforge.

Added ToDo List (VTODO) and MemoPad (VJOURNAL) support. Memopad is kinda pointless since iCal doesn't actually use it. ToDo's I had to cheat on a little. iCal wants both the date completed AND completed status set for an item to appear to be completed, but Palm doesn't remember a completed date. So, all completed events will end up having a completed date set to 2003/01/01.

Modified so it can run on JRE 1.3.x. I was using some methods in Calendar which were not made public until 1.4.x.


Version 0.8

Made a release for sourceforge.

Running on my XP box, I discovered I'm using API that's only available in J2SE 1.4.x. Oh well, a limitation. I may fix this later.

A slight re-org to prepare for handling the todo and memopad databases.

Added a META-INF/MANIFEST.MF to allow for java -jar invocation.


Version 0.7

Found the performance problem. I had used a non-buffered InputStream to read the files. Killer. Probably runs 10x faster, at least, with a BufferedInputStream in the way. Found this rather quickly by using, a -Xrunhprof output reader. Clunky, (but that's Swing on the Mac for ya), but it pretty much immediately pointed out the problem.

Replaced the Apache CLI command-line parser with my own.

Did some general cleanup.

Stopped escaping colon; iCal doesn't like it when you escape things that shouldn't be escaped.

Fleshed out the palm2ical-usage.html file.

Added some options re: processing todo and memopad, but no code is there yet to do this.

Probably time to put a release up ...


Version 0.6

Got most of the repeat logic in.

The program is really slow. Need to find a profiler.

Think I'll get rid of the Apache CLI command-line parser; I can do what I need fairly easily, and make it work the way I want.


Added -noAlarm option

Added -alarmURI option

Started adding repeat logic


Sourceforge account created overnight. Very quick! Project is named palm2ical. Probably be uploading tonight. I've already posted the 'website'.

I'm going to trash log4j. Not worth the hassle. I'll add my own Logger class.

Got untimed events and alarms in. Need to alarms to be customized to allow arbitrary sounds and actions (display msg and/or sound).


Got enough code in to read my fairly large palm database. But doesn't handle todo's, repeats, alarms, and untimed events. But, I was able to get it to come up in iCal just right. W00t!


Big reorg. But no new function.


Got the code to read an entire datebook. Making some progress. I'm fairly unhappy with the current organization, so will be doing some refactoring ...


Guess I've been busy. Started back working on this.


Gave up on Ant. At least for anything but a basic launcher for a real programming language: Python. All my Ant scripts are so non-declarative it makes no sense to put up with wacky Ant behaviour. The Apache source folder population is now done with Python.

So, now I can actually start writing the freaking program!

Got the option parsing complete.


Created project locally. Started by figuring out how to easily make use of some Apache projects like jakarta/commons/cli and log4j by pulling them into to .cvsignore'd source folders with Ant scripts. Logo is kind enough to house this current project.

Copyright © 2003 Patrick Mueller

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