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Here is the help page for the palm2ical program.

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Invaluable is the information at: which describes the format of the Palm databases as stored on Windows.

Information on the iCalendar file format is available here:


Here is the development blog for this project.

Palm Desktop >= 4.1.2 users

Well, Palm screwed us over. At somewhere near Palm Desktop 4.1.2 or so, they've changed the database formats for Windows that they've been using for years and years. I've not found any information on the formats, nor does Palm seem to be willing to publish them, nor do I wish to spend my time trying to reverse engineer them. Jerks.

I did find, however, that the desktop app can export the old-format files for you, as 'archives'. So, I wrote a little python program that uses WshShell to 'drive' the desktop to export the files, then rename them as appropriate. The program is and requires you to have Python (any version), the win32 package for python (corresponding version for your version of python), and have the Windows Scripting Host available (all newish version of Windows will have this).

You run this app, passing the name of the desktop executable and a directory you want the exports saved to, and it drives the app to do the exports. The resulting directory can be used by palm2ical to generate the iCalendar file.

YMMV; this is of course a complete hack-job. You run the program, and need to be sure you don't screw with the windows desktop as it runs, or it'll send they keys to the wrong app. It also doesn't account for multiple userids. Oh well. Better than nothing. Logo is kind enough to house this current project.

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